“Pichet Gothique Aux Oiseaux”

Pablo Picasso

"Pichet Gothique aux Oiseaux" (A. R. 187), crafted in 1953, is a remarkable example of Pablo Picasso's innovative ventures into the realm of ceramic art. This piece is a terre de faïence pitcher, marking a pivotal point where Picasso's unbridled creativity met the ancient and dignified craft of pottery. Standing at a height of 280mm it is not just a utilitarian object but a vessel of artistic expression, blending function with an aesthetic appeal that challenges the conventional boundaries of ceramic work. Inscribed with 'Edition Picasso' and numbered No. 56 out of a limited edition of 100, this work underscores Picasso's collaborative spirit with the Madoura pottery workshop in Vallauris, France. The workshop, led by Suzanne and Georges Ramié, became a crucible for Picasso's ceramic experiments, where he was introduced to the techniques and potentials of clay as a medium for his artistry. The pitcher is adorned with painted and partially glazed decorations, featuring motifs that are recurrent in Picasso's oeuvre - birds, which are rendered with a gothic twist in this instance. These motifs are not merely decorative but are imbued with symbolic meanings, reflecting Picasso's deep engagement with themes of freedom, peace, and the artist's introspective journey.

White earthenware ceramic pitcher, partially engraved, with colored engobe and glaze
28×18 cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included