Complete Set of 24 Silver Plates

Pablo Picasso

The complete set of 24 repoussé silver plates, conceived in ceramic by Picasso between 1956 and 1967 and executed in silver by the artist and François Hugo in a numbered edition of only 20 , each with the artist's stamped signature, numbered, stamped with the silversmith’s mark on the underside, with the original wooden presentation boxes. In 1946, Picasso's introduction to ceramics at Madoura pottery in Vallauris, France, initiated a long-standing bond with its proprietors, Suzanne and Georges Ramié. Over the ensuing two decades, he delved into the artistic possibilities of clay, crafting an array of items such as vases, plates, and sculptural figures. Picasso's experimentation with carving, etching, glazes, and paints in ceramics laid the foundation for his subsequent ventures into silver work. Picasso's initial encounter with ceramic art in 1946 during a vacation in the South of France at the Madoura pottery in Vallauris led to an enduring association with its proprietors, Suzanne and Georges Ramié.

Throughout the subsequent two decades, he immersed himself in ceramics, fashioning a variety of pieces ranging from vases to sculptural figures. Picasso's exploration of clay's potential, encompassing techniques such as carving, etching, and experimentation with glazes and paints, would prove pivotal as he transitioned to working with silver. Each of the twenty-four plates bears a unique motif, predominantly inspired by the mythological subjects prevalent in the South of France. Picasso's fascination with nymphs, satyrs, centaurs, and fauns during this time contrasts with his Parisian themes. Notably, the "Profil de Jacqueline" plate pays homage to his second wife and muse, Jacqueline Roque, whom he met at Madoura pottery in 1952. Jacqueline's presence in Picasso's life brought him great joy, reflected in the playful and inventive designs of the plates. These years marked a period of happiness and creative exploration, evident in the joyous outpouring of playful creation and humorous experimentation captured in this set of silver plates.

I. Dormeur, Edition 5/20, 43 cm

II. Visage aux feuilles, Edition 5/20, 43 cm

III. Faune cavalier, Edition 2/20, 42.8 cm

IV. Visage aux mains, Edition 3/20, 42 cm

V. Visage tourmenté, Edition 2/20, 41 .5 cm

VI. Visage de faune, dated 28.6.55. Edition 2/2 0, 26.5 cm.

VII. Joueur de flûte et cavalier, Edition 4/20, 37 cm

VIII. Un poisson, dated 19.5.56, Edition 2/2 0, 42.5 cm

IX. Profi de Jacqueline, dated 22.1. 56, 5/20, 42 cm

X. Tête de taureau, Edition 4/20, 43 cm

XI. Visage larvé, Edition 3/20, 41.5 cm

XII. Visage en forme d’horloge, Edition 3/20, 42.5 cm

XIII. Visage géométrique aux traits, Edition 2/20, 41.5 cm

XIV. Horloge á la langue, Edition 2/20, 42.5 cm

XV. Jacqueline au chevalet, Edition 4/20, 42.5 cm

XVI. Tête au masque, Edition 2/20, 31.5 cm

XVII. Visage au carton ondulé, Edition 2/20, 42.5 cmm

XXI. Vallauris, dated 1956, Edition 3/20, 41.5 cm

XXII. Joie de vivre, Edition 3/20, 43.5cm

XVIII. Centaure, Edition 3/20, 41.3 c m

XIX. Visage aux taches, Edition 2/20, 42 cm

XX. Tête en forme d’horloge, 5/20, 43 c

XXIII. Tête géométrique, Edition 3/20, 35.5 cm

XXIV. Visage dans un carré, Edition 4/20, 42 cm

Variable Sizes
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included