Pablo Picasso

Le Dormeur, crafted by Pablo Picasso in 1956, is a sterling silver platter that exemplifies the artist's exploration into the sculptural potential of functional objects. With a diameter of 42 cm, this piece represents Picasso's initial venture into the use of silver as a medium, a choice that highlights his continuous pursuit of innovation across various artistic forms. The platter features the image of a sleeping man, a subject rendered with a simplicity that belies the complexity of its execution.

In creating "Le Dormeur," Picasso masterfully utilizes the subtle contours of the platter to suggest the volumetric depth of the human head, merging the realms of the two-dimensional and the sculptural. The medium of silver, chosen for its reflective qualities and its capacity to be shaped, becomes an integral part of the artwork's expression, adding a layer of texture and luminosity that enhances the depiction of the sleeping figure.

42 cm ⌀
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included