Complete Set of 24 Golden Medallions

Pablo Picasso

In the 1950s and 1960s, Pablo Picasso, in collaboration with François Victor-Hugo, a master goldsmith in France, embarked on a unique artistic venture. Together, they created a series of exquisite gold medallions and platters, derived from original designs by Picasso. These creations were deeply personal to Picasso, selected, designed, and cherished with great affection. Initially, Picasso intended these pieces as private treasures, far removed from the public eye or the notion of commercial gain.The existence of these artworks remained a closely guarded secret, with Picasso refusing to loan them to institutions or reveal them to visitors. This secrecy underscored their value and rarity, making them all the more special.

However, in 1967, Picasso relented to Hugo's persistent requests and authorized a limited, numbered edition of each piece for sale. This edition was discreetly distributed to select buyers, ensuring the collection's exclusivity and maintaining its low profile. This series of medallions and platters, thus, represents a rare and intimate glimpse into Picasso's artistic world, embodying a blend of secrecy, personal significance, and exceptional craftsmanship. Stamped with the artist's signature and the François Hugo reference and edition numbers (on the reverse), with the François Hugo hallmark and the French assay mark for gold.

23-carat Gold
Variable sizes
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included