Complete set of Gold Sculptures

Pablo Picasso

The set of three golden sculptures crafted in collaboration with French artist François Hugo in 1960 represents an exquisite intersection of modern artistry and ancient mythology, embodied through the medium of precious metal. The use of solid 23-carat gold not only signifies the material value and permanence of the artwork but also serves as a nod to the opulence and significance of gold in historical contexts, particularly in relation to divine figures and mythological narratives. The selection of Greek mythological figures— a Bacchante (a devotee of Bacchus, the god of wine, known as Dionysus in Greek mythology), a Joueur de Cymbales (Cymbal Player), and a Joueur de Pipeaux (Flute Player)—anchors the work deeply in the rich tapestry of ancient stories that have shaped artistic and cultural expressions for millennia. These characters, emblematic of celebration, music, and festivity, are rendered in a style that bridges the gap between their historical and mythological origins and the abstract, modernist approach of the 20th century.

François Hugo’s collaboration in creating these sculptures reflects a deliberate fusion of classical themes with contemporary artistic movements. The abstract elements present in the sculptures do not merely serve aesthetic purposes; they invite viewers to engage with the mythological figures in a manner that transcends literal interpretation. By abstracting these figures, the artist encourages a deeper contemplation of their symbolic meanings, their roles within myths, and their relevance to modern times. Moreover, the limited edition nature of these sculptures— with only six copies made—amplifies their exclusivity and the meticulous craftsmanship involved. The dimensions (9.5x4.8 cm) suggest that each piece, while small, is dense with detail and meaning, requiring a close and thoughtful examination to fully appreciate their intricacies.The collaboration between François Hugo and the thematic choice of Greek mythology executed in solid gold represents a sophisticated dialogue between past and present, tangible opulence, and intangible myth.

This set of sculptures not only captures the essence of classical mythology but also embodies the transformative power of art to recontextualize ancient narratives within the framework of contemporary cultural and aesthetic values.

23 carat solid gold
9.5 x 4.8 cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included