"Personnage, oiseaux"

Joan Miró

In Joan Miró's black and white Indian ink drawings on handmade paper, the inclusion of a bird symbolizes freedom, while the figure of a woman adds a layer of human presence and emotion to his compositions. Miró's use of Indian ink allows for bold contrasts between the black lines of the bird and woman against the white paper background, emphasizing their significance within the composition.

The bird, often depicted in flight or perched on abstract forms, embodies the concept of liberation and escape, a recurring theme in Miró's work. Meanwhile, the figure of a woman, rendered with simple yet expressive lines, adds a sense of humanity and connection to the artwork, evoking themes of femininity, nurture, or introspection. Through these elements, Miró's black and white ink drawings convey a poetic narrative of freedom, human experience, and the timeless interplay between imagination and reality.

India ink on handmade paper
31x22 cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included