"Femme oiseau"

September 28, 1977
Joan Miró

"Femme Oiseau" (Woman Bird), created by Joan Miró exemplifies the artist's innovative approach to blending human and avian forms. This artwork, utilizing wax crayon and pencil on cardboard, measures 41 x 32 cm. It showcases Miró's adeptness in employing minimalistic techniques to delve into complex themes of identity and metamorphosis. Signed by Miró in the lower right corner and annotated with its title and date on the reverse, this piece is a testament to the artist's personal engagement with his work and thematic consistencies. The use of both wax crayon and pencil allows for a dynamic interplay between vibrant color application and delicate line work, demonstrating Miró's mastery over diverse mediums. Positioned within a private collection, "Femme Oiseau" represents Miró's ongoing exploration of the interconnectedness between the natural world and human consciousness, rendered through abstract symbology. This work stands as a significant example of Miró's late-career artistry, where familiar motifs are revisited with renewed insight and maturity.

Wax crayon and pencil on cardboard
41x32 cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included