"Hommage á Edgar Varése II"

Joan Miró

Hommage à Edgar Varèse II" is a seminal artwork within Joan Miró’s extensive portfolio, marking a critical transition towards a sophisticated abstraction that draws inspiration from the New York School, defining his work in later years. This composition is among Miró's most acclaimed, showcasing an adept fusion of his distinctive visual language that harmoniously blends abstract and figurative elements.

The artwork's title acknowledges Miró’s profound connection with Edgar Varèse, a composer renowned for his avant-garde musical compositions that mirrored Miró’s revolutionary approach to visual art. Varèse’s innovative use of electronic instruments and his concept of "sound-masses" not only advanced classical music into the modern era but also resonated with the Dada and Surrealist movements. His collaboration with Miró, particularly through the score for the 1955 film "Around and About Joan Miró," exemplifies their mutual exploration of new artistic expressions. "Hommage à Edgar Varèse II" captures Miró’s esteem for Varèse, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation and complexity in their respective fields.

Oil on canvas
63.5 x 46 cm / 25 x 18.1 inches
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included