"Le Chanteur d'opéra"

Joan Miró

‘Le Chanteur d’Opéra’, a distinguished sculpture that embodies Joan Miró’s masterful blend of abstract and figurative artistry, crafted with an evocative mix of media. Created in 1977, this piece stands as a testament to Miró’s innovative spirit, marking a pivotal moment in his exploration of form and meaning. Edition 5/6 of this series, the sculpture is a harmonious composition of bronze, with the body’s curves and gestures speaking volumes of the abstract impressionist movement’s influence on Miró’s work. At the heart of this sculpture is a unique fusion of materials and motifs. The body, cast in bronze, carries the weight of history and tradition, while the head, represented by a singular nail, introduces an element of industrial modernity, crowned with a captivating cape that seems to whisper tales of ancient operas. The bronze arms extend with an eloquent grace, their forms reminiscent of explicit bamboo, suggesting both strength and flexibility. ‘Le Chanteur d’Opéra’ is not just a sculpture; it is a bridge between worlds - the tangible and the imagined, the classical and the contemporary. Miró’s work invites the viewer to traverse the boundary between the figurative and the abstract, engaging with the piece not only as an object of visual intrigue but as a narrative, a song of operatic proportions that resonates with the soul. This piece is a celebration of Miró’s unyielding quest for innovation and his profound ability to articulate complex emotional landscapes through the simplicity of form and material.

Bronze cast to "lost wax"
55 x 70 x 13 cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included