“Vision of an Angel”

Salvador Dalí

"Vision of the Angel" is a profound bronze sculpture by Salvador Dalí that intricately weaves theological symbolism into a tangible form. This sculpture, measuring 44×34.5×34.5 cm, showcases Dalí's unparalleled ability to translate complex, abstract ideas into visually striking artworks.

At the heart of this sculpture is a monumental thumb, reaching skyward with an authoritative presence that symbolizes the omnipotence of God the Father. This thumb, a metaphor for divine creation, is adorned with young branches that emerge from its form, representing the genesis of all life. The branches, delicate yet resilient, signify the vitality and the continuous growth propelled by the divine force.

To the right of the thumb stands a figure embodying humanity, bursting with the vigor of life. This figure represents the Son of God, an embodiment of divine incarnation and the bridge between the celestial and the terrestrial. The vitality of this figure captures the essence of life's zest and the divine spark within human existence.

On the opposite side, the sculpture presents a winged figure, the Holy Spirit, in a posture of deep reflection. The angel, with its chin resting thoughtfully on its hand and one wing supported by a crutch, contemplates a crack in the divine edifice. This flaw, revealing the brickwork beneath, symbolizes the vulnerabilities and imperfections that reside even within the divine or the seemingly invulnerable. The angel's meditative stance invites viewers to ponder the complexities of faith, the imperfections inherent in existence, and the role of the divine in the human experience.

44×34.5×34.5 cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included