Salvador Dalí

This untitled sketch by Salvador Dalí, created in 1974 using ink and pencil on paper, serves as a preliminary exploration for his monumental canvas "Santiago El Grande." Sketch stamped and authenticated by Museo Perrot-Moore, measures 27x21 inches and showcases Dalí's signature interplay of surrealistic elements with precise detail. Though modest in size, it reflects the conceptual genesis of the larger work.

"Santiago El Grande" is a grandiose canvas, towering at 13 feet high, and offers a triumphant depiction of Saint James the Great (Santiago El Grande in Spanish). The painting captures the patron saint of Spain rising from the sea on a white stallion, brandishing an oversized crucifix. This sketch, while untitled, captures the initial thoughts and details that culminate in the full expression seen in the larger, iconic painting, demonstrating Dalí's mastery in blending the ethereal with the tangible through his unique artistic language.

Ink and pencil on paper
27.2 x 21 cm
Signed and dated by the artist
Frame included